Urs Bernhard (*1949 in Switzerland)

I’m a photographer, a writer and a director of films.
I can‘t remember a time not working and playing with images and words, with stories and emotions – as a photographer, as a writer and as a filmmaker.

I graduated with a MA degree in literature, art history and philosophy at the University of Zurich. Then I was first working as a director and set designer for the stage and then for television. Fundamental for my television occupation was the training I got at the BBC in London in 1979.
Aside from my work as a director for television productions I taught visual communication at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan from 1987-1993. At the same time I began to work as a fashion photographer.
With the production of my first book White I decided to close with fashion photography. Documentary and portrait photography was my concern during the next years. My book Passing by is a witness of that period. Then I made again the jump into the world of the moving image: directing mainly entertainment shows and fiction movies I was fully immersed into television productions.
The wish for a calmer pace and the move up-north to Sweden triggered a growing interest into nature and landscape, which to explore is now the goal of all my photographic endeavour.
Nowadays I concentrate mostly on personal photographic projects, as I consider photography as more poetic than films.

I regularly share my knowledge and experience with young professionals as a trainer and coach in television and online-media business.

I like to travel and to be on the road. I enjoy italian and japanese food, red wine, real espresso, black cloths, darkblue shirts and nice shoes.

I live together with my wife, media and book designer Gudrun Thielemann, on Öland/Sweden.

Tech Notes:
All my photographs are made using film, chemistry and light sensitive paper, the traditional photographic process and craft.
I like the look of the traditional analogue print and I love the work this craft implies.
After some time with 35mm- and 6×6-cameras, I started again working with large format.
Nowadays the tools for my photographic endeavour is a 4×5 camera and b&w negatives, which I enlarge onto silver-gelatine fibre paper in my own darkroom.

If you are interested in purchasing original prints, please contact me by sending an email to: click(at)ursbernhard.com